How to Install a Theme into WordPress

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How to install a theme nto WordPress

Hi guys! How are you today? I hope you are well. If you’re reading this article then you must want to know how to install a theme into WordPress. Well, In this article, Today I am going to talk about how to install a theme into WordPress. There will be four guidelines that I’m going to discuss and these guidelines let you know how to install a theme into WordPress. You can select any of the processes to install a theme.

  • WordPress administration panel
  • Zip File
  • cPanel
  • FTP Client

It’s for WPBeginner who started their blog recently, and I am speculating that it might help for you.

Before installing your Theme you need to know:

Before the commencement of how to install a theme into WordPress, some points had come first that you can’t revoke and that is choosing a suitable theme. Install a theme into WordPress isn’t too hard. It’s quite simple.

But, you have to assure which theme you should put in into your blog. It’s very important to spend time figuring out the best WordPress theme for you.

At present, WordPress has a store-house of Themes and Plugins. WordPress provides reliable products like any other marketplace. You can find your own themes for the business, WooCommerce, eCommerce, Education, corporation, etc. in WordPress website (

In the WordPress website you may find two types of themes:

  • Premium themes and
  • Free themes.

Choose Among the Free Themes or Premium Theme?

Some people who wanted to install free themes from unreliable sources. Let me ask you a question why you want to install a free version theme into your blog?

I can guess what will they say, they will say because it’s free.

It lowers the budget of entry to starting a blog. However, hearing the word free makes people cautious. But you should think about some disadvantages too. Free theme has

  1. Limited support options
  2. Limited feature
  3. Not so unique

On the other hand, you can utilize the premium theme with unique features, supported options, unique designs.

That’s why I am going to recommend everyone to install a premium theme because it’s advance and better than free themes.

So, you have to check which theme is suited for your website or your blog. Because theme modifies your website so that readers or visitors can get attracted to read their favorite article.

Install a Theme into WordPress:

After the chosen right theme then the second step will how to install a theme into your WordPress. It’s very simple.
We can install the theme into WordPress by admin panel, using the ZIP file, cPanel, and FTP Client.
First, we are going with an easy setup. Then we will show installing theme by Zip file then cPanel.

Follow my instruction and you will be done shortly. So, any further we do let’s get started.

Installation Process:

Have a look at how to install a theme into WordPress by the admin panel into your dashboard.

Step 1 – Login and go to the WordPress Dashboard:

First, you have to log in to your WordPress admin site or panel by typing in the URL into your web browser for example (
Then put your mouse into Appearance there you will find Themes.

WordPress Dashboard Theme Location

Simply click it.

Step 2 – Click Add New Button:

Click Add New Button

After that press the Left button of your mouse into Themes there you can see Add New atop of your website.
Click on the Add New Button a new screen will appear, there will be some theme for you and those themes are free also suggested by the WordPress themselves.

Atop of the bar you can see Featured, Popular, Latest, Favorites, Upload Theme and Search theme also.
If you are not able to find any theme yet, you can use the feature it will help you to find specifically. Popular shows you the latest theme for your website.
If you already have a theme into your computer you can put it by upload theme.

Step 3 – Go for Search If you have a Favorite Theme in Mind:

If you have a name of the theme that you wanted to put in into your website then go to the Search themes and type your theme name. It will appear on the screen.

Step 4 – Install and Active:

click into the install button then it will automatically install.

WordPress Dashboard Theme Install

Click on the active button and you will be done.

WordPress Dashboard Theme Active

I told you it was easy and look it done by just a moment. That’s how to install a theme into WordPress automatically.

In this way, you can easily install Premium themes and free themes. There is no peculiarity between Premium and free version setup.

How to Install a WordPress Theme using ZIP File:

At this point, the installation process for the premium and the free themes from external websites is the same. If you already have a wonderful theme for your blog from another marketplace then it’s cannot be installing the previous method setup, you have to set this manual method. Then, how to install a theme into WordPress?Don’t worry just follow step.

I hope you already download your favorite theme into your desktop or laptop into the Zip file.

Well, you will need the zip file containing your theme, you do not need to Unzip or extract. Just keep in mind where it’s saved on your device.

In this case, we will need to utilize the same earlier step:

Step 1 – Go to the Admin site:

First, go to the admin panel. Next, Appearance > Themes.

WordPress Dashboard Theme Location

Step 2 – Click Add New Button:

Simply click on ADD NEW button.

WordPress Dashboard ADD New Button

However, this time you will click on the Upload Theme button at the top of the Next page.

Step 3 – Choose File:

Click on Choose file then find the file where you kept,

WordPress Upload Theme Option

Step 4 – Active Theme:

After finishing the step next go to install and active it.

WordPress Theme Active

A confirmation message will come after finishing active.

At that point, you can either see what the theme will look like using Live preview or hit the Active button to active it official. Using this process you can upload any themes you wanted. If your theme is not supported because of an older version or size of the zip file then look for the other method on how to install a theme into WordPress from cPanel.

How to Install the theme into a WordPress from cPanel:

In WordPress, some older version does not support theme installation from the admin panel of your site.  In that case, you have to install the theme into WordPress by using cPanel.

The content of your website remains on its server, and you need to know where WordPress keeps its themes, plugins, and media files.

By using command over cPanel can help you to fix most of the simple errors. I think that many people face some common errors like homepage display error, failed to import error, the stylesheet is missing,404, 503, and many others.

So, it might not be a good idea to depend on the admin panel of your website. You have to learn some alternative.

Install Process:

Look at the steps on how to install a theme into WordPress by using cPanel.

Step 1 – Open the Login Page from cPanel:

Access your cPanel and search for the “file manager”. Sometimes, the file manager can’t see like the same cPanel because of it relying on your web hosting, every hosting company uses different cPanel design.

If you’re not familiar with cPanel and worry about how to find this file manager? Well, go to any web browser and put your domain/cPanel in the URL like ( Next, give your domain name and password for login and there you may see file manager.

Hosting cPanel File Manager

Step 2 – File Manager > Public-html > WP-Content > Themes.

Go to the file manager. Now, you can see “public_html”. This directory consists of your website files and folders. Open it and you will be able to see the WP-Content folder.

File Manager public_html-Folder Location

Click wp-content and open the file there will be “themes” folder. This is the place where theme files are saved.  You will good to see all the themes that have been installed already on your site.

File Manager Theme Location

Step 3 – Upload the ZIP file to the “themes” folder:

Top of the bar in the cPanel there is an upload icon, go there and click. Browse for the file and upload the zip file.

cPanel File Upload Filed

Go to the upload icon, A new tab opens, now click on “Select File”

Cpanel File Upload Select Field Option

Step 4 – Reload and Extract the theme file:

Select the ZIP file, atop of the bar there is an “Extract” icon, you can hit it or you can go through the Right button on your mouse extract it.

Cpanel Zip Folder Extract


cPanel Zip Folder Extract Option

While you Extract the file of the theme, a new page will come and it will be asking you where you wanted to put your file?
Simply, go through Public-html>WP-content>themes, then Extract the files.
Later, there will another coding file open in front of you just close it and it will be done.

Step 5 – Activate the theme in “WordPress dashboard”:

We are in the final step. Close the cPanel, our work is done there. Go back to the “dashboard” in your WordPress.Go through the Appearance > Theme.

Your uploaded theme will now be visible there. The theme is not yet activated. Just activate and it should be live on your website now.

WordPress Theme Active Option

WordPress Theme Install Successfully

Our theme is now ready on the website. If you wanted to remove the theme you can do it by a similar process. If you still face any issue with the install a theme into WordPress. Hopefully, the last one will work perfectly.

How to install a theme into WordPress using FTP:

If you’ve ever tried to upload a WordPress theme in the admin panel and you got an error saying that the file was too large to upload, this is the process you need to use.

FTP Server

It’s common for web hosting companies to limit the file size they allowed to be uploaded by a web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

This can be a problem if you are trying to install a premium WordPress theme that comes packaged with a lot of resources. If the zipped file is too large you will get an error message. This FTP process is the solution for the largest zipped files problem.

I’m going to show you how to install a theme into WordPress by using FTP.

What is FTP? 

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

FTP Server Diagram

Installation process:

You can install a theme into WordPress with FTTP using 8 steps.

Step 1 – Find an FTP Client or server Program:

First, we need an FTP Client this is a program that will allow us to connect to our hosting account and manually move files.

There is a free FTP Client called Fire Zilla or you use another program, it depends on you. Fire Zilla has a Mac, Windows version for your operating system.

File Zilla Software

Step 2 – FTP Login Credential:

Open the program. We now need to get our FTP login credentials if your web host has cPanel this is how you get those. We already know how to open cPanel, go to cPanel and scroll down there you can able to find FTP Accounts.

cPanel FTP Account

Login to cPanel and in the files section look for FTP accounts and click on that.

Step 3 – Create an account or Log in:

Create a new FTP account by filling out this short form.

FTP Account Information FIeld

  • First, enter a login name.
    {Notice: The actual login you will use in a minute includes the (@) symbol and your domain name.}
  • Now enter a password twice.
  • We want to have access as close to the root of our account as possible so make the “directory” text box blank also leaves the “Quota” set to unlimited.

Now create an FTP account you should now see a success message.

Step 4 – Login into FTP Clint or server Program:

We can now go back to File Zilla and connect to our server.

File Zilla Account Connection Panel

Up in this top row, you will need to enter your login credentials for the host. You’re going to FTP and then your domain name.
The username you just created remembering to add the @ symbol and your domain name,
Enter your password,

For the port, you can try to leave this blank if that does not work try entering the number 21 if you still can’t connect contact with your web host and ask about your FTP setting.

Click Quick Connect.

FTP Certificate Warning Panel

If you get an unknown certificate warning you can simply press the blue Ok button.
This is caused by the way the server is configured and will not affect your process.

Step 5 – Run your FTP program:

Once you connect, you’ll have your local machine on the left side and your server files on the right side.

FTP Local Server and Live Server Overview

On your local machine browse to your theme files.

Step 6 – Upload the theme:

Making sure that you’re uploading the unzipped directory and only include the theme files in the directory.
On the server-side,

File Zilla Public_html Folder Location

access the “Public_html” file.

File Zilla wp-content Location

Open the “WP-content”.

File Zilla Theme Folder

Now, double click on the “theme” directory. In the theme folder, you’ll be able to see a list of all the themes currently installed in your WordPress.

Step 7 – Drag the theme file, local to server-side:

Drag your theme files from the left side of the screen where your local files are to the right side of the screen to move the theme onto the sever.

File Zilla Local Sever to Live Server File Tranfer Process

This could take a while depending on the speed of your connection and the size of your connection and the size of the files.
At the bottom you’ll see queued files this tells you how many more files are going to be transferred.

File Zilla File Upload Summary

Step 8- Active the theme:

Once this is done you can now go back to your WordPress administration and activate your newly uploaded theme.

WordPress Theme Active Field

I think you already know how to activate theme into WordPress Administration.

Now you know how to install the theme into WordPress and activate it. Next, I will talk about customizing and update your WordPress theme step by step and also teach about the additional theme setup (Plugins, content, and widgets).

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That would have helped you in the future I presume. Keep eye on our website for the latest update.
Thanks for being with us.

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